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Through a responsible, respectful partnership between families, students, staff, and community the mission of Hilton Elementary is to provide a safe, positive, and challenging learning environment that sets high expectations for all students. 


At Hilton Elementary School "Together We Can", we believe in the self-worth and the individuality of each child. We will provide for the students' unique educational and ethnic needsWe will promote opportunities for all students to be successful. We will strive to provide a broad range of learning experiences to enable each child to become a contributing member of our society. 


The philosophy and objectives at Hilton Elementary will be implemented in various ways including (1) programs of instruction, (2) co-curricular activities, (3) special services, (4) utilization of learning media, and (5) application of staff competencies and teaching strategies.

I. Intellectual Development: All children need to grow in the ability to think rationally, to use logical reasoning and computational skills, to express thoughts clearly, to read and listen with understanding.

II. Personal Development: All children will develop self-realization by emphasizing the inquiring mind, aesthetic interests, and character building. All children will use exploration to discover, develop, and direct desirable individual interests, aptitudes, and abilities. All children will be given opportunities to develop their capacities to appreciate beauty, literature, art, music, and nature. All children will be taught to use leisure time well which will contribute to their social growth.

III. Social Development: All children need to develop respect for other persons, to grow in their insight into ethical values and principles, and to be able to live and to work cooperatively with others. All children should develop pride and respect for the dignity and worth of individuals regardless of race or sociological status.

IV. Physical Development: All children will develop and maintain a sound body and will develop wholesome mental and emotional attitudes and habits.

Zillah School District's Vision Statement: 

Educational Excellence for Everyone Every Day